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HP1 Applications Now Open

Applications are now open for the 2023 HP1 Seminar.

HEO AAA Update

The HEO Board Provides Update on New HEO AAA Program for 2023-24

POE Coach Applications

Applications are now open for coaching positions in our U14 and U15 Program of Excellence

Help Support the Craigs

You can help support Mike Craig and his family by visiting the GoFundMe page at the link below.

Assist Fund

Hockey Canada Foundation is now accpeting applications for its Assist Fund. Check out details at the link below.

First Shift is Back

Follow the link below to read more about hosting and registering for a First Shift program in your Minor Hockey Association.

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Certification Clinic Request Form

To request a certification clinic complete and submit the form below. Clinic requests will only be accepted if the information submitted is complete and accurate, and all locations, dates and times are confirmed. We will not accept requests with “TBA” or "TBD" in any categories.
Note - All items on this form are mandatory and must be completed. You must provide at least one phone number.

Type of Certification Clinic

Coach 1 - Intro Coach Booking Requirments:
     Ice Time: 1.5 hours (1 session)
     Class Time: 4 hours
     Total Clinic Time: 6.5 hours (includes lunch and ice time)
Coach 2 - Coach Level Booking Requirments:
     Ice Time: 1.5 hours (1 session)
     Class Time: 5 hours
     Total Clinic Time: 7.5 hours (includes lunch and ice time)
Development 1 Booking Requirments:
     Ice Time: 1.5 hours (1 session)
     Virtual Time: Friday Night; 3 hour Zoom session
     Class Time: Saturday or Sunday; 9 hours; 8:00am to 5:00pm (includes lunch and ice time)
     Total Clinic Time: 12 hours
Scorekeeper Booking Requirments:
     Class Time: 4 hours

Request Details

Requesting Association:  
Association Contact:  
Home Phone:  
Work Phone:  
Cell Phone:  
Requested Clinic Dates  
  • For Coach 1 and Coach 2 clinics provide a Day 1 date only.
  • For Development 1 clinics set Day 1 to the date of the Friday night virtual session and
    set Day 2 to the date of the in class session.
  • Day 1:  
    Day 2:  
    Classroom Location:  
    Classroom has Wifi:  
    Ice Location:  
    Clinic Times  
  • For Coach 1 and Coach 2 clinics set the start and end times for Day 1 only.
  • Development 1 clinics default to 6:00pm to 9:00pm for the Day 1 virtual session
    and 8:00am to 5:00pm for the Day 2 in person portion
  • Day 1:      to   
    Day 2:      to   
    Ice Times  
  • Set start and end times for the ice session. All clinic ice sessions are to be 1.5 hours
  • Ice sessions for Development 1 clinics must be on the in class session date.
  •        to   

    Advertised Clinic Fee per Participant:  $
    Terms and Conditions:
    • There is a minimum requirement and charge of 10 participants for all HEO run clinics. For Coach 1 (Intro Coach), Coach 2 (Coach Level), and Development 1 clinics there is a maximum of 40 participants allowed. The maximum is required as a safety precaution for the on-ice portion of the clinic.
    • Please ensure that the classroom location can comfortably sit the number of participants (with tables) and allow for easy movement around the room and group work. The room should have a projector screen or one large, clear, bright wall space to project on. The classroom should be set up in classroom style.
    • It is preferable that the classroom location have WIFI access. The quality of delivery is greatly enhanced if the facilitator has online access.

    I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions.

    * You must confirm this check to submit the clinic request


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