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Good Deeds Cup

Peewee Teams - Register Now!!
Chance to win prizes, coach kits and give back to the community.
Lets start the Good Deeds Rolling.

Coach of the Month

Subnmit your nominations for HEO's Minor Hockey Coach of the Month.

Coach Prefessional Development

HEO launches its schedule of Hockey Canada Instructional Stream clinics for 2017-18.
Coaches can register up for these CPD clinics for free.

Lessons From Behind the Glass

Allyson Tufts partners with HEO to bring us the Lessons From Behind the Glass video series.

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FAQs for Coaches


Does HEO run skills clinics for players?

While we predominantly focus on coaching development, our skilled instructors have taught thousands of hours of skill clinics for players. If you are interested in having an HEO instructor run a skill clinic with your players contact Jeff Robert, HEO Development Programs Officer.

Coach Certification

How do I find out about clinics?

The Hockey Eastern Ontario website is kept up to date with announcements on upcoming events including clinics. We also make announcements through Facebook and Twitter. You can find both through the Hockey Eastern Ontario website.
You can also search the eHockey site for upcoming clinics by clicking on the Clinic Registration link on the home page.

I want to coach. Where/how do I start?

The best place to start is with your local association to inquire about its needs for the upcoming season. You can find information about the associations within Hockey Eastern Ontario on our Organization & Structure page. You will need training or certification to coach. You will find all the information you need to get you started on pages listed within the "Coaching" menu on our Home Page

Do I need a certain level to coach house league hockey?

Yes you may. For more detail on exactly what you will need to coach at your specific level as a head or assistant coach check out our coaching qualifications search tool.

Do I need a certain level to coach competitive hockey, such as rep B or AA?

Yes you do. For more detail on exactly what you will need to coach at your specific level as a head or assistant coach check out our coaching qualifications search tool.

Do I need a certain level to coach junior hockey in this branch?

Yes you do. For more detail on exactly what you will need to coach at your specific level as a head or assistant coach check out our coaching qualifications search tool.

How long are the clinics?

Coach 1: One 8 hour weekend day (eg. Saturday, 8 am – 4 pm)
Coach 2: Hockey University online portion + one 8 hour weekend day clinic (eg. Saturday or Sunday, 8 am – 4 pm)
Development 1: Two full 8 hour weekend days (eg. Saturday & Sunday, 8 am – 4 pm) + a take-home post-task
For more details on the content of each clinic visit the specific clinic page on the Hockey Eastern Ontario website.

How much do they cost?

Because clinics are hosted by local associations, costs vary according to their specific needs, room rentals, and ice fees. You can view the fees for a specific clinic on the eHockey Clinic Registration page by clicking the info link for the clinic you are interested in.

Does my certification from another Hockey Canada branch count in HEO?

Yes, it does. You would need to provide proof of this on the off-chance your certification is not registered in the Hockey Canada database. This doesn’t occur often, but does happen from time to time.

Is my certification good for life?

No, not in all cases. Beginning in January 2014, the Coaching Association of Canada and Hockey Canada instituted a certification maintenance policy. Coaches will require a specific number of credits over a 5 year period to maintain their certification. Details and information on this policy are available on the Maintenance of Certification page

I have USA Hockey certification. Does that count?

Right now, there is no formal Hockey Canada policy regarding transference of certification. So no, it does not count.
(Note: Be aware that Hockey Canada certification in turn may not be recognized by USA Hockey.)

I need to take the Respect in Sport clinic. How do I find out where and when?

Everything you need to know about the Respect in Sport Program can be found under the Risk Management or the Programs menus on the HEO website.


What kind of mentorship programs are available in HEO?

There are mentors in every aspect of the game: Coaching, Initiation Program, Officiating and Trainers. Under the Coaches, Trainers and Officials menu above you can find information on the mentorship programs in those specific areas.

How do I find out who the mentors are in my area?

For mentoring information you can contact the following individuals:
Ruggles Pritchard - IP Mentorship - ruggles16@gmail.com
Chuck Dufton - Trainer Mentorship - chuckdufton@gmail.com
Jim Cooke - Coach Mentorship - jmcooke@rogers.com

How do I become a mentor?

To be a mentor in your association, you should contact your local hockey executive. Branch mentors are selected on the basis of certain criteria that each discipline has determined important. You should contact the above named individuals for further information.


Where can I find tips on drills or skills instruction?

Our Coaching Resources page contains a number of websites and resources in these areas. You can also check out our Drill Archives page and our Youtube channel. The HEO office also has an extensive library of manuals, books, and videos (DVD and even VHS) in its resource room.

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